Raw #003

I still crave cooked food!

Tomorrow is a great day! Yeah, that’s true but it is also true that we never reach tomorrow. I think this could be the root of my success/failure. I need to work on today!

Today, where raw food is concerned, I failed. I still had my kale smoothie because it has become a habit. This is good but I also went to our local Indian for an all you can eat buffet lunch with my family and our friends. I briefly checked the buffet for a veggie option but quickly decided I was not prepared to pass over that amazing chicken korma & the fried rice, not to mention the spicy lamb and those chicken wings. *Sigh* I’m my own worst enemy. And yes…. I went back for seconds.

In other news, last night I really wanted to have a cooked meal but I tried to make sure it was vegan (see picture). It was a spicy thai red curry with coconut milk, soy sauce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, courgette, red, green & yellow peppers, spring onions & coriander, lime juice and fish sauce. Ah crap!…fish sauce isn’t vegan! Oh well….I tried.

So, tomorrow is soon to be today. Tomorrow/Today will be a new week. Monday morning should always be a fresh start. My 9yr old is back to school, we’re back to routine after his christmas break and I’m hopeful that my raw quest will continue with a new energy.

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