Raw #002

OJ, Banana, Summer Berries, Brocolli

I have fallen into a cycle of eating that goes as such: Breakfast is a hot cup of tea & then forgotten about until I’m starving so I grab some almonds & a banana or anything else fast and available.

Lunch is a green smoothie – the same every day – Kale, Cucumber, Apple, Ginger & water, which I love. I usually do really well until I give lunch to my two boys (9 and 2). They are not raw-vegans, they are picky, carnivorous, pasta & rice loving, pizza eating, veggie avoiding typical kids. They eat pretty healthy food but the dairy, wheat & meat content of their meals is a big temptation for those of us who have decided to go raw. Today I gave in… and omg that wholemeal pitta bread pizza with grilled chicken & lots of cheese was delicious. My toddler couldn’t eat a whole one and I’m not one to waste food. Ha!…any excuse! Anyway, I’m weak, I like to eat pizza as much as (if not more than) my kids do.

Another huge temptation is all the nice food still hanging around from Christmas. The waffles, the chocolate spread, the maple syrup, the crisps, the wine, the belgian chocolate biscuits. I’m glad to say that the waffles & chocolate spread are gone now, as are the crisps. I won’t tell you where they went or exactly how enjoyable they were as we got rid of them….

So, my mornings are good, my afternoon is ok but my evenings decend into failure. I do, however manage to squeeze in another smoothie for dinner. Tonight’s one is pictured and it was delicious in a healthy, fruity way.  I need to embrace that fresh & clean taste and really love it. I’m trying to teach myself to see the food around me for what it is: the heavy, creamy, oily dairy, those sleepy carbs & meat…dead flesh which must be handled with such care to avoid decomposition…..ewww. (Hey, this could work! I just need to read that last sentence everytime I feel temptation!)

Tomorrow is a great day 🙂

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